The Starobělský brewery is a family owned brewery from Stará Bělá located in one of the city districts of Ostrava.
Pivovar Ostrava

Here our Royal Czech Beer is produced in a classic double mashing way and lies in a tank for a long time. Our aim is to preserve the original beer culture and offer people high quality product. We are proud of our outstanding beer brewed according to Czech traditional methods. For its production quality Czech raw materials are used, no substitutes and chemical stabilizers. This keeps the beer its characteristic taste, vitamins and freshness.

Due to the growing demand and popularity of our beer in recent years, in the second half of 2017 the technology for beer production was modernized and production and lagering capacities were expanded. This modernization will allow us to expand the existing offer of beer and wider use of the brewery.

Our wish for the future is to continue to brew beer with love and to offer quality and real beer satisfaction to all beer lovers and enthusiasts.



Enjoy beer from a place that is demonstrably the oldest brewery on the European continent. Enjoy Czech beer from the Břevnov Monastery, where, according to written records, the golden liquid was already brewed in 993.
Pivovar Břevnov
The Břevnov Monastery and its brewery are the best proof of this. It boasts the oldest written mention of the existence of a brewery in Europe. It is clear that beer was brewed and drank back thousands of years, but only the Prague monastery has a preserved note in the chronicle about the local brewery, which was founded in parallel with the monastery itself in 993. Here we brew our ROYAL CZECH BEER. Czech beer is one of the best in the world. For one simple reason. It is excellent because it is cooked from high quality ingredients according to the traditional recipes. But how does water, malt, yeast and hops become a social phenomenon that has brought people together for centuries? How can beer become a national symbol? Perhaps you will understand this when you get a pint of beer in the monastery pub and look at the beautifully clear golden color of beer, crowned with beautiful white foam… When you toast and hear a loud "Cheers!"… And when you drink and feel the smooth stroke of malt, ending with a bitter hint of hops… Then you realize and understand the power of the phenomenon beer, the power of ROYAL CZECH BEER.